Sunday, July 1, 2012

Cleaning Cast-Iron Cookware

How the folks from TLC do it:

My way....
If it's really gross or you just thrifted it and bringing it home for the first time...
Wash with hot soapy water....use a steel wool pad. Scrub till no raised spots or rust remain....ugh.

Wipe dry and place on gas burner...low heat till all water evaporates away.
While still warm, dip a paper towel in some good edible oil and wipe the pan well.

Cold pressed oils wont go rancid as quickly as more processed oils. You can also place it n the oven 300 degrees for a bit....oven is good when seasoning several pieces.

Once it is seasoned....

I try never to wash... a well seasoned cast iron pan....I place a good amount of kosher salt and scrub off debris with the salt and a few paper towels....wipe with more oil. The salt will take away excess oil and no bacteria will grow in salt...My gramma taught me...long ago.

Leaving too much oil behind makes the pan tacky and looses the non stick thing you worked so hard for....
male sure to rub all excess oil off till a paper towel comes clean.

Good luck and happy cooking.

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