Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Cleaning clouded glassware

Ack...someone put your best glasses in the dishwasher.
The kiss of death for antique glassware.

The horrible hazing will not go no matter what...ammonia, hot water hoo.

I did try something that saved my Kosta Boda Vase
( in dishwasher by surly teen)

It was a crazy tip but I was gonna try anything.
Went to Market Basket ( why would you shop anywhere else?)
and got a big ol box of foaming denture cleaner tablets
No need for brand names. I think I got a life time supply for less than three bucks...
Just add the tablets to the glass to makes a difference...repeat till the glasses are clear again.
work on the heavy crystal vase and hope this trick works for you.

Have a wicked good day!

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