Wednesday, September 5, 2012

How to test for Gold

We get lots of busted jewelery and some so ugly we consider it unsalable and blinding to the eye. Sooo we scrap it and you would be surprised how much money you can get for your busted or unworn gold!
The acid test shown above is easy and effective for identifying gold.
You can find the test kits online for on Amazon etc.
Before you use the acid, take a magnet to what you think may be gold.
Gold does not have magnetic properties and wont be attracted to a magnet.
Not all folks who buy gold are the same....some are outright scammers.
Around here I have found that Fast Cash Pawn in Pawtucket pays the most and are incredibly honest.
I won't go anywhere else. ( This is an unsolicited plug for them and they deserve it)
They are on Newport Ave across from CVS.


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