Saturday, September 1, 2012

New Blog Feature ~ What the heck is this? Phoebe's Hidden Treasures

We are happy to share our knowledge and opinions whenever we can. We give free appraisals as best we can. We are in no way experts on anything but do our best. We have collectively been in the business for about 200 years, have reference books and this gall darned computer but we get stumped often enough.
People bring by stuff and pictures of stuff all the time and ask us " what the heck is this?"
So I thought it might be fun to put them on the blog.
Here is one from a regular customer. As far as we can figure it is some kind of coupon or ticket.
Do you know " What the heck this is?"

It is not laminated but in a protective plastic thingy.
Our customer found it hid in dad's things and is very curious to know what it is.

You can leave a comment if you know. Commical guesses welcomed.
 We have comments set so you can leave anon comments,,,all you have to do is fill in one of those devilish "captchas"

I am unsure if you can leave a photo of your own "what the heck is it?"
If not I will figure out a way to get an email for you to submit your photo's.
Thank you and Happy Guessing!


  1. Looks like a ticket to get into the market place in Eisenberg Germany. The picture on the front is a building in the square.

  2. Thank you Debbi, It does have the word piano in it as well.
    I secrectly hope it was actual
    Thanks for joining and and have a wicked good day!