Friday, October 10, 2014

Leaf peep your way to Otis, Mass ~ Artist Geoffrey Coelho Reception Next Saturday! Berkshire Co.

Steadman Pond in Early Spring Photograph
Please join me at the Otis Library on Saturday, October 18 from 12:30 to 1:30 pm. I have 25 framed photographs on display, and a portfolio containing 48 additional images is available for inspection. Everything is for sale. Haggling is encouraged. 10% of the proceeds will go to benefit the library.

My work has been exhibited at the Knox Gallery in Montery, Sohn Fine Art Gallery in Stockbridge, and JWS Art Supplies on Railroad Street in Great Barrington. JWS also carries my hand made note cards. I've been invited back to the Otis Library for a November show, and will be opening the season for the Sandisfield Arts Center in May.

I'd love to see you all in Otis on the 18th.

If you can't make the reception, feel free to drop by turing library hours between now and the end of the month to see the wares. Tell your friends!

40 North Main Road, Otis Massachuetts
Saturday, October 18
12:30 to 1:30 PM

Geoffrey Coelho is a Berkshire County photographer whose work has been exhibited at local galleries and various small venues in the county.

His photographic interests are diverse and eclectic, but his focus is almost exclusively on the Berkshire region. He has produced traditional landscapes and scenics, architectural studies both exterior and interior, streetscapes and street candids, and most recently he has turned his attention to still life photography. Attracted to open spaces and abandoned places since childhood, he still seeks out these locales for much of his work. He has undertaken a comprehensive documentation of the buildings and surrounding land at Spectacle Pond Farm in Sandisfield across the four seasons, and he can often be found climbing over fences in places where he probably shouldn’t.

Among the things he has tried to accomplish with his images is the presentation of familiar scenes in novel ways, using light and color to draw out the essential character, as he sees it, of a thing or place.

He is a graduate of Clark University in Worcester, and has attended Clark University Graduate School of Management, and Westfield State University Graduate School of Education. He has been a paperboy, a dishwasher, a laboratory chemist, a hazmat spill responder, a corporate Vice President and a science teacher. He is currently a Postmaster, and the Officer in Charge at the Sandisfield Post Office, where he’s not allowed to take pictures.

Geoffrey Coelho resides in Otis with his wife of 30 years, Karen Amidon-Coelho, and their youngest son, Anthony. His oldest son, Daniel, is a combat veteran of the Afghan War and is currently a Non-Commissioned Officer serving with European Command at Headquarters Stuttgart, Germany.
Candy Shop - Great Barrington Photograph
Custom work, signed prints, and limited editions are available on request. 

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