Saturday, June 30, 2012

Owl Renaissance ~ Ceramic Owl Lamp

Boy, when I think back to all the owl items I have seen...oh and to have that abstract copper owl wall sculpture that we all gave mom a hard time about...say back in 1972, I'd kill for it now. The Mid Century Modern Folks would pay a pretty penny for it now.
The old bank built at the turn of the prior century... that has the owls and beehives as architectural symbols of wisdom and productivity....we always revered the symbolism of owls...
What ever happened to our reverence of owls?
We turned our back on owls for the past 30 odd years.....discarded all our articulated owl necklaces.
I have noticed the gradual resurgence of owl related things and am happy about that.
Course Tony has his finger on the pulse and this little owl pondering was inspired by this lamp Tony brought into the shop....I like it and feel an owl Renascence is occurring and happy that owls, who don't ask for much of anything...can get back the respect they deserve.

Gettin rewired

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