Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Mermaid ~ What the heck is it?

We have a really good time here at the shop figuring out whats what.
We picked this up at auction recently. I thought it might be a hood ornament, others WHO ARE WRONG hehehe think it might be an ashtray. What did she hold in her hands?
Made of pot metal, spelter possibly cast aluminum. I am guessing she is about 7" in length.
Here she is on the hood of a car. ( My theory of hood ornament)
She sure spices up the hood of the Hyundai, don't you think?

Alright, the ashtray theory is purpetuated by the actual ashtray we got in the same lot.....I think it was a hood ornament too...and someone turned it into an ashtray.
There is always the horrible possibilty that we all deal with in this business....were they made to decieve.
I don't think so but I have been wrong before. So the discussion rages on. please feel free to join in.

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