Saturday, June 30, 2012

Estate and yardsale ~ Good Pickins

Tiffany's estate sale was/is so awesome....went there and scored.
On Thurs...The Estate Sales Lady's (Susan is the best) had an estate sale in Lincoln Rhode Island...check out the coolest barkcloth curtains I got....6 panels ( yes, there is some fraying but it was love at first sight) all for 15 bucks!!!! Wooo Hoooo! I am soooo keeping these
Ooooo la la

Some wee carved peach pits from the barn sale...keeping!

Glass door knob with silver medallions inside, wicked cool mens jeweley,
awesome early ice cream scoops....the one with the G turn handle I am hoping is the first Gilchrists scoop. It is #0....a wizard tape measure...really pretty art deco money clip with blue rhinestones.....

My brutalist family says...get it outta here

A swedish oil lamp and Norge viking ship salt and nice china cigarette set....kitty cat push puppet....
usurped by teenager
Ack...I should be saving my money for Brimfield....'s more graniteware....I know I am suspose to lay off the graniteware but it was so cheap at the barnsale! always books for the beach....that David Sedaris makes me laugh sooo hard.
Wishing you all happy yard sailing and thrift scores!

Holy Moley! Tiffany of Above and Beyond Estate Sales Holding Utimate Barn Sale here in town!

We went yesterday and dug through all the treasure in the blazing heatwave sun.... Tiffany even rented tents for this......4 generations and 90 years of stuff estate sale! It is going on today and tomorrow as well. It looks like a mini Brimfield. (Deals happening all over the place but.... No one took me up on my offer of 10 bucks for thier Dels lemonade)
We love Tiffany's sales, she always runs a well organised sale and her prices can be more than fair.
Since we went already.....we suggest you stop by today or tomorrow. Till 3 pm.
66 Adamsdale North Attleboro


Just the tip of the iceberg!!!

Owl Renaissance ~ Ceramic Owl Lamp

Boy, when I think back to all the owl items I have seen...oh and to have that abstract copper owl wall sculpture that we all gave mom a hard time about...say back in 1972, I'd kill for it now. The Mid Century Modern Folks would pay a pretty penny for it now.
The old bank built at the turn of the prior century... that has the owls and beehives as architectural symbols of wisdom and productivity....we always revered the symbolism of owls...
What ever happened to our reverence of owls?
We turned our back on owls for the past 30 odd years.....discarded all our articulated owl necklaces.
I have noticed the gradual resurgence of owl related things and am happy about that.
Course Tony has his finger on the pulse and this little owl pondering was inspired by this lamp Tony brought into the shop....I like it and feel an owl Renascence is occurring and happy that owls, who don't ask for much of anything...can get back the respect they deserve.

Gettin rewired

Friday, June 29, 2012

J.W.G. AUCTIONEER Our Friend and Neighbor right here in North Attleboro

We have been going to Joe's auctions for years! Just the nicest folks.
Now this is a place you never know what will show up.

He runs on Friday and Wednesday nights.
Here is the link to his auctionzip listings....we are lovin the Pictures Joe!

or visit their new website

Phone: 774-306-1618
Web: 508-695-2607

Joseph W. Grenon III Ma Lic. # 2548 November 2000 Graduate of Yankee School of Auctioneering & his (wife) Jody, (3 daughters) Crystal, Kelly, & Nicole & (2 sons) Joey & David began selling antiques, collectibles & personal property in 2001 on a monthly basis in a local rental hall wich grew into a twice a week auction in thier gallery. together they have auctioned many estates both on site and in the gallery. also has liquidated several different types of commercial business from hardware stores - sporting goods stores - dollar stores- antique shops - resturants - even abandond storeage & wharehouse liquidations & many others such as real estate industrial charity fund rasing ect. the love of the auction industry has kept this small family busines running 7 days a week a proud of it. 

If you need to downsize or in this economy...Joe can get you quick cash....consider consigning with him....he is honest! never know what you'll find!

We love ol timey auctions and it's a cheap night out and lots of fun.
Where ever you are, support your local auction house.

You never know what you'll find and the price is right!

Hand Painted Pitcher and Glasses Cottage decor Shabby Chic

Pristine and affordable. Perfect for summer entertaining...Iced Tea or our favorite....Yummy Sangria!

Antique Wooden Gumball Nuts Vending Machine

Mid Century Motorola Clock Radio

This just greak and in primo condition

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Dealers Welcome Phoebe's Hidden Treasures North Attleboro

We love dealers and we have pleanty of things to pick through. Our prices are so low there is pleanty of room for profit.
Show your tax id and get an additional 10% off by mentioning this site. Fresh merchandise arriving all the time. Promo for the month of June.
Thank you for stopping by!

Lamp SOLD!

Monday, June 18, 2012