Saturday, June 30, 2012

Estate and yardsale ~ Good Pickins

Tiffany's estate sale was/is so awesome....went there and scored.
On Thurs...The Estate Sales Lady's (Susan is the best) had an estate sale in Lincoln Rhode Island...check out the coolest barkcloth curtains I got....6 panels ( yes, there is some fraying but it was love at first sight) all for 15 bucks!!!! Wooo Hoooo! I am soooo keeping these
Ooooo la la

Some wee carved peach pits from the barn sale...keeping!

Glass door knob with silver medallions inside, wicked cool mens jeweley,
awesome early ice cream scoops....the one with the G turn handle I am hoping is the first Gilchrists scoop. It is #0....a wizard tape measure...really pretty art deco money clip with blue rhinestones.....

My brutalist family says...get it outta here

A swedish oil lamp and Norge viking ship salt and nice china cigarette set....kitty cat push puppet....
usurped by teenager
Ack...I should be saving my money for Brimfield....'s more graniteware....I know I am suspose to lay off the graniteware but it was so cheap at the barnsale! always books for the beach....that David Sedaris makes me laugh sooo hard.
Wishing you all happy yard sailing and thrift scores!


  1. Wow.. some great finds here. Love the candelabra!

  2. Hi Reggie, thanks for stopping by. I think that barnsale was the best of the season. Ah yes, the candleabra was awesome but gone...sold it for a reasonable profit and went to a good home. Our friend Tiffany always seems to get the best houses around here. Her business is above and beyond esattes and she recenlty opened her own consignment shop in Needahm....been meaning to get there. I would recommend it to anyone....she has very fair prices and always willing to work with dealers.....wishing you a wonderful day and happy collecting!