Thursday, August 30, 2012

The best seat in the house...Phoebes Hidden Treasures

We can tell you first hand this is a conversation piece.
The jokes just keep on coming...
This is the Cadillac of commodes. High tech for it's time.
Well crafted and in excellent condition. Um really clean as well.
Moule's Patent Dry Earth Commode
Patent June 16 1869
The origional composting toilet!

Even the original cobalt bucket underneath.
We never put a price on it but it is time to go to make room as our storage is filled to the brim.
Ahh speaking of Brim...Brimfield fast approaches. We have many well priced items for your consideration.
Why not stop by and have a seat and set a spell and contemplate which treasure you might buy.

Pristine Earth Closet

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