Saturday, September 1, 2012

The Dutch Estate just keeps getting better and better ~ Phoebe's

Holy Moley, the more we unpack the more treasure we find.

This little sterling baby spoon was in a bag of lobster crackers and lobster forks, Yikes, it could have ended up in Joe's auction!
and there is lots of art work signed by the artists as well

This is an oil on canvass signed Zander 1947

Cool British Railway label. In Flemish or Dutch??? Thought you might like to see one.

To my shear joy there were 4 old fashioned iced cube trays.
I kept the banged up ones and we put these 2 in the shop.
They don't make em like this anymore and I will never have ice cubes fly under the stove again while trying to wrestle them from plastic "twist-em" ice cube trays!! Nice big ice cubes too.
Little things make me so

Ok here are just a few more things from this estate. I am off today but will put up more pics soon.
We are open all weekend just I need some R & R

HP Hibiscus w wire on back for hanging

Lot's of tins and bottles tucked in every nook and cranny of the shop

wood things and tons of baskets both old and new


and this lady could not lay off the pewter
tons of it,

Wishing you all a Happy Labor Day Weekend!


  1. That spoon is a great find! Congratulations

  2. Dear Tyler,
    Thank you...shear serendipity....took an extra was black with tarnish so easily over will stand as testament to look more carefully....not for money but it would have been a shame for the world to lose something so beautifully crafted.
    Have a wicked good day and happy collecting!